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At Alpha and Omega School, we care about the whole child, therefore in addition to academics, we offer a range of activities and opportunites.

Extra-Mural Activities

We offer a range of extra-mural activites, including chess, music, arts and drama. We have a strong athletics team that outperforms on local, regional and distric level in both track and field items. We also have competitive hockey, soccer and netball teams.

 In addition to our in-school Coding and Robotics curriculum, we are excited to announce that we will also be opening an after school Coding and Robotics Club.

Coding and Robotics Club 1 (1).png
Coding and Robotics Club 1 (1).png
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 14.03_edited.jpg

Homework Centre

We also offer an after school homework centre, where students are supervised and guided to complete their homework assignments with excellence. 

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